Easy tips for avoiding erectile dysfunction.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s be honest.  Time is not on our side. Can you still throw a football as far as you once could or run past defenders like you did when you were 20? We can answer this question for you, probably not. Even though this may come off as somewhat disappointing, it is completely acceptable. As time passes by our bodies change. Some changes are for the better and others can be difficult to handle. However, many of these tough transformations can be dealt with, especially with the guidance from one of our trusted doctors at  COREWAVE™ Therapy who work with many patients that suffer from erectile dysfunction. An issue that many men live with and can still enjoy many of the amazing qualities of life with, including sex. Even as you age, it is still possible to enjoy having sex, much like you can still enjoy tossing around the football with friends and family.

Now you may be wondering, what exactly causes erectile dysfunction? Well, there is no one answer. For some men, it can be as simple as a side effect of a certain medication, but for 75% of men, the answer is much more tricky to pinpoint. Causes can range from neurological disease to diabetes to prostate related treatments, and can be age related or caused by low testosterone.

If you are someone currently suffering from erectile dysfunction or would like to avoid the symptoms, our team at  COREWAVE™ Therapy came up with some natural ways to avoid erectile dysfunction.

Get moving and stay fit

When it comes to your health, weight absolutely matters. A man with a 44-inch waist is actually 50% more likely to have erectile dysfunction than another with a 34-inch waist. To prevent erectile dysfunction, it is so very important to not only lose weight that you gain over time but to keep it off. Once you are at a healthy weight, the odds of developing erectile dysfunction are decreased. Since two of the major causes of erectile dysfunction are diabetes and vascular disease, keeping off this excess weight will prevent these issues.

Consume healthy meals 

The food that you consume will have a direct impact on your health. If you eat a burger and fries every single day, your body will be lacking the amino acids and nutrients that it desperately needs to function at a high-level. When you eat healthy, you feel exceptional, look stellar, and will decrease your chances of developing erectile dysfunction. We recommend consuming a balanced diet of fish, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. At the same time that you are consuming these healthy foods, you should be avoiding red meat which is high in saturated fats. These changes in your diet are sure to positively benefit you.

Hit the sidewalk

Walking has been known to improve mood, reduce anxiety, aid sleep, and improve self-image. In addition to walking, other moderate exercise activities can help boost the sexual performance of middle-aged men with erectile dysfunction.

Move your muscle

When considering muscles that you utilize during sex, the first that come to mind are typically back, chest, and abs, however, there are others that are extremely important – your pelvic floor. This part of your body enhances rigidity during erections, which will help the prevent blood from leaving the penis by pressing on important veins. We recommend performing Kegel Exercises twice-daily to strengthen these muscles. When combined with biofeedback, lifestyle changes, and cutting out negative activities, your body will transform and can gain strength back.

Understandably, having erectile dysfunction can be a difficult pill to swallow, but by following some of these guidelines and possible using COREWAVE™ Therapy as a treatment you may not have to. To always keep up-to-date on diagnosing, treating, and overpowering erectile dysfunction, follow COREWAVE™ Therapy on social media as well as our blog!