Erectile Dysfunction, or any sexual dysfunction for that matter, has been statistically proven to cause various physical and psychological effects. Luckily, there are licensed urologists and sexual medicine specialists who focus on assessing your issues associated to your sexual health and can find the proper solution to address any physical or mental health issues that may arise.

Psychological and Social Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

Almost half of the male population will be afflicted by ED in their lifetime and about 40% will be affected by the condition starting at just 40 years old. A man experiencing erectile dysfunction is likely to be affected by the inability to perform. The social stigma of such a diagnosis has been reported to cause uncomfortability in confiding for professional help. Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, a lack of self esteem and strains on relationships increase as a direct correlation to erectile dysfunction. Many men describe an increase in self esteem and confidence once their ability to achieve an erection has been restored. These benefits are not only evident in the bedroom but also at work and everyday life.

Physical Health Benefits of Stronger Erections

Erectile dysfunction can be a leading symptom to uncovering many other underlying health conditions. ED may be a result of poor circulation, cardiovascular problems or other underlying issues. Oftentimes, these men are not even aware of their underlying health condition until they experience symptoms of ED. Some of the common health conditions linked to the development of erectile dysfunction include high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. Statistics show that 50% of men with diabetes also end up with erectile dysfunction. Remembering to perform recommended daily exercise and sustaining a balanced diet to prevent an increased risk of developing ED, is essential. When ED is improved, many men have reported an increase in focus ability along with increased energy levels.

How To Resolve ED

A large majority of men find solace in medications at the start of their prescription, but after a while notice a decrease in efficiency and eventually find no functionality in the medication at all. Each man is unique, meaning different methods work differently for each patient. But what happens when one feels like they have exhausted all resources with no result? A new method has made its way to the scene causing enthusiasts and skeptics alike to try COREWAVE™ therapy. COREWAVE™  Therapy uses low intensity shock wave technology. Acoustic wave energy provided by this specialized technology, stimulates the process of neovascularization. Neovascularization in the penis creates new blood vessels allowing an increase of blood flow to this area. This treatment allows a man’s penis to maintain firmness and more spontaneous as well as longer lasting erections.