Proper blood circulation is an important aspect of a healthy sex life. But few men know of the complications that can develop due to poor blood flow. It’s an issue that has affected 75% of men of all ages, but can prove increasingly complicated as you age. Luckily, there are exercises and routines that can increase rigidity and lead to an overall healthier life. Core Wave Therapy specializes in finding solutions to erectile dysfunction, and our trusted doctors and staff are always finding new methods to improving vascular health in men. You deserve to live your life free of the complications of erectile dysfunction. Here are some suggestions for improving on your overall blood circulation.

Exercise is Key

Exercise is incredibly important to vascular health. Your doctor isn’t constantly reminding you to be more active just to aggravate you. It is crucial to improving blood flow in the body. Vascular diseases are often caused by weight gain or excess weight. Losing fat can improve the blood flow to the penis, but it’s also important to focus on building muscle as well. The penis is a muscle, and it operates alongside other important muscles in the pelvic region. The pelvic floor is a region of the body that, when properly cared for, can help retain blood in the penis. There are various exercises that can benefit your pelvic floor. You might be embarrassed to perform any of these activities at your local gym, but there’s a solution. Kegel exercises have been shown to strengthen pelvic muscles and improve blood flow in men, and can be performed in the comfort of your own home. We suggest coupling two daily Kegel exercises with other exercises like leg press and lunges. The key to vascular health goes beyond the pelvic region.

Cut Out Smoking

Smoking is obviously harmful to your overall health, but it has also been linked to vascular issues. Smoking can cut off oxygenated blood to the genitals. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, chronic smokers are much more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. If you think that these issues are reserved for older generations, think again. Studies have also showed that younger male smokers have an increased chance of developing erectile dysfunction. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but it will greatly reduce the risk of vascular issues, present or future. Seeking help for your addiction, whether it’s through support systems or medications, can not only improve your sexual health but keep you from developing further health complications.

Eat a Healthy Diet

In an earlier blog post, we spoke of some foods that help combat erectile dysfunction. Many of those foods were linked to vascular health. A healthy diet is closely linked to your sexual health. Your body runs off of the nutrients (or lack of nutrients) that you provide it. If you want to maintain a healthy sexual life, it’s important to eat foods that can lead to healthier blood flow. It’s also not just about vegetables (though you should incorporate them into your diet, too). For those with a sweet tooth, chocolate contains an antioxidant called flavonoids that has been linked to better vascular health. Certain fruits, like watermelon, should also be incorporated into your diet.

You don’t need to live with erectile dysfunction. With the help of determined sexual medicine specialists and urologists who practice Core Wave Therapy, you can overcome it. Some of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction in men involve vascular issues, but we’re determined to  improve blood flow and increase virility in our patients. If you or a loved one is suffering from ED, then turn to us. Our groundbreaking treatment will ensure that you get back to the life you want to live. Visit our blog to learn more about overcoming your sexual dysfunction.