One of the most common yet frustrating sexual disorders a man will deal with in his lifetime is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 60% of all men will experience it. While the stereotypical person with ED is an older man, men of all ages can find themselves feeling its effects. Due to the nature of the disorder, it can lead to tension in a relationship. What can you do when your partner is going through this trying time? Talk to them. It might be a difficult conversation but it’s the one you need to have. At Corewave Therapy™, we specialize in treating ED and have helped many couples facing this issue. Here is what our experts recommend you do when you sit down to talk to your partner.

Be Open

The key to talking about an issue involving ED is to be open. ED is a difficult thing for many men to discuss. It impacts the mind as much as the body, leading to anxiety, anger, and depression. Naturally, these can make your partner a bit more difficult to talk to but don’t worry; it’s worth it. Sit down with them and ask them to be open. Be sympathetic and understanding to help them comprehend that you aren’t upset and want to be there for them. Taking this approach will go a long way and will help lead to the solutions you both are looking for.

No One Is To Blame

ED is a naturally occurring disorder. A man can suffer from it for a number of reasons, all of which are out of his control. When he begins to develop this disorder, he shouldn’t blame himself or his partner. Sitting down with your partner can be an emotionally charged process but not one where someone should be blamed. You didn’t do anything wrong and he didn’t do anything wrong. What really matters is finding the solution together. Luckily, Corewave™ offers a one-of-a-kind treatment option that will reduce the impact of ED.

Support Each Other

Be there to help your partner. Whether this means going with him to doctors appointments or helping him deal with the psychological effects; be there. When you talk to your partner, assure them that you are there and ready to support them through this troubling period.

Erectile dysfunction can be an emotional disorder for a man to go through, so you need to talk to your partner about it. Be open, don’t blame each other, support one another, and let your partner be emotional. There is nothing wrong with having ED, it’s completely natural. If you or your partner is suffering from this disorder, contact us.

Corewave™ offers a groundbreaking treatment that not only helps cure ED but gives a man a strong erection. Through the use of low-intensity sound waves, we help repair and strengthen the blood vessels in a man’s penis. Our expert doctors will work with you to ensure that you get back to living life to the fullest. To learn more about ED and Corewave™, check out our blog.